November 17, 2022

Future Day 2022

Future Day at ALUWAG AG. When the little ones look over the shoulders of the big ones, it’s National Future Day. Yesterday, the next generation was also able to lend a hand at ALUWAG AG.

Planning, drilling, casting: For once, the school desk was exchanged for the foundry. So yesterday, girls and boys gained new experiences at ALUWAG AG and got a taste of everyday work.

The day started for the young guests with a tour of the company grounds. After the young guests were allowed to construct a mill game, they went on to engrave a keychain. Strengthened after a delicious lunch at the Niederbüren leisure park, they continued to the toolmaking department, where the previously constructed mill game was finished. Finally, the girls and boys cast tin pendants in the foundry.

National Future Day promotes - as the name suggests - the future of young people. In particular, it promotes the exploration of atypical professions and thus advocates early on for gender equality. Future Day is a cooperative project between school, the world of work, and the parents’ home.

Focused on the task, because: Practice makes perfect! Diligent young talent at ALUWAG AG.