Mission Statement

Deep-rooted values guide our actions.

Our mission statement formulates our core beliefs. It provides guidance for our actions. In our mission statement, we state what is important to us and which values should apply to us.

ALUWAG is a successful family company in its second generation. We produce high-quality die casting components for our customers in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our processes are geared towards our customers’ requirements, and we improve these continuously with respect to quality and efficiency.


  • We support and challenge our employees.
  • We offer modern workplaces and modern infrastructure.
  • We act in accordance with the ALUWAG code of conduct and procedural rules.


  • We are a dynamic partner and place customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.
  • We ensure our customers are satisfied by demonstrating a high level of flexibility and quality as well as by always adhering to deadlines and offering performance-based pricing.


  • We work together with skilled and innovative partners.
  • We adhere to agreements and systematically demand quality, cost and time specifications.

Management and communication

  • We behave openly and honestly.
  • We are loyal and reliable.
  • We make decisions in an independent, targeted and responsible manner.
  • We provide information at the appropriate level, in a timely fashion and across different departments.
  • We learn from our mistakes – it is about the matter at hand, not the individual.
  • We manage on the basis of targets.

Products and services

  • We focus on our strengths.
  • We are quality oriented and environmentally friendly.

Society and environment

  • We systematically promote occupational safety and improve our environmental performance.
  • We act in a resource-friendly manner and improve our energy efficiency.
  • We are politically independent, have no religious affiliation and comply with the law.