Expertise in aluminum die-casting.

Customized aluminum die-casting solutions for prototypes, small and large series. With a state-of-the-art plant and automated die-casting cells, ALUWAG ensures stable reproduction in any quantity and a lean value chain with flawless product quality.

Innovative aluminum die-casting solutions

Decades of experience in the disciplines of metallurgy, engineering and manufacturing allow ALUWAG to offer well thought-out total solutions for aluminum die casting for technology leaders in the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and many other industries.

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Innovative die casting solution for non-removable hollow channels in the component As part of the EU research and innovation program “Horizon 2020”, we, as a consortium with other companies from all over Europe, have received approval for the gas injection project “MAGIT” (Magnesium and Aluminum Gas Injection Technology).

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Mechanical Processing Aluminum Die Casting

Tradition and innovation meet at our mechanical manufacturing department, where raw parts are transformed into high-quality finished products.

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Modern facilities for prototypes, small and large series.

Our modern plant with fully automated die-casting cells allows for stable reproduction of any required quantity.

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Top quality knows no compromise.

Experience, expertise, and passion are the raw materials for our innovative die-casting solutions.

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We see customer loyalty as both praise and an incentive. ALUWAG delivers custom die-cast components and entire assemblies to globally operating brands from various industries. We respond to individual customer needs with equally individual solutions that go far beyond common standards.

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