March 22, 2022

Successful project realization

ALUWAG AG has been active in the automotive sector and industry for years. The company has now succeeded in gaining a foothold in the area of marine applications. The project for the newly developed industry is already running at full speed and with increasing quantities in series.

ALUWAG AG has recently also been active in the field of marine applications and is already producing for this in series. The parts produced are specifically used in an outboard motor with a 2-speed gearbox. The production of the components placed high technical demands on the engineering team because: The assembly consists of three die-cast components. Not only the high component complexity, but also the choice of the material depending on the heat treatment presented an exciting challenge. The design of the die-casting tool was also a challenge. The project team mastered the new task with a great deal of effort right through to the design of the processing in coordination with the subsequent processes.

Material: AlSi10MnMg including heat treatment T5

Coating: chromating and anodizing

Assembly requirements

  • Tightness requirements
  • very high oil pressure during operation
  • Corrosion requirements
  • mechanical properties (characteristic values)
  • high-precision CNC machining

Use of special technologies in the foundry

Final product information. Ma­tions

With V12 block strength, the 600hp Verado outboard engine delivers exceptional range and performance. Revolutionary improvements in handling and control are made possible by the outboard segment’s first steerable gearbox and the industry’s first two-speed gearbox. ALUWAG AG supplies the gear components for this.

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