July 22, 2021

Successful apprenticeships at ALUWAG AG

LAP 2021 — ALUWAG AG is pleased that its apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship. Maryam Shekouhisholi has completed the commercial apprenticeship (B profile) and Sascha Heer has completed his training as a designer EFZ. The young professionals will be employed at ALUWAG AG until the end of 2021.

Maryam Shekouhisholi can be happy about her successful completion of her apprenticeship and recently received her certificate of proficiency as a businesswoman EFZ. Sascha Heer, who completed his training as a design engineer EFZ, recently received his diploma at the ceremony.

ALUWAG AG is delighted with the two young professionals and wishes them all the best for their professional and private future. Maryam and Sascha will leave ALUWAG AG at the end of 2021 to reorient themselves professionally.

Practical and varied training

With the diverse range of apprenticeships, ALUWAG AG is pursuing the goal of promoting and securing young talent in the region. The company offers targeted and practical training for this purpose. Specialists train apprentices in the following professions:

  • Businessman businesswoman
  • Moulder (product manufacture)
  • Casting technologist (product manufacture)
  • Designer
  • Polymechanic

Trial days can be arranged by telephone at any time if you are interested.