March 30, 2020

ALUWAG AG receives approval for two projects of the EU research program „HORIZON 2020“

As part of the EU research framework program „HORIZON 2020“, ALUWAG AG has received approval for two project tenders. These are the MAGIT gas injection project and the MULTIFUN project. Both projects have a term of 3 years and will start in the first quarter of 2020.

With the two nominations for the project calls for the EU research framework program „HORIZON 2020“, ALUWAG AG is making a valuable contribution to Switzerland as a business location and is actively involved in technological progress. The 8th EU research framework program „HORIZON 2020“ aims to promote innovative research ideas and their implementation in marketable products and services in order to contribute to increasing competitiveness, prosperity and the employment situation in Europe. Accordingly, „HORIZON 2020“ covers the entire value chain from basic research through applied research to technological development. Switzerland has been actively involved in the EU research framework programs since 1988.

MAGIT gas injection project

The gas injection project MAGIT (Magnesium and Aluminum Gas Injection Technology) deals with the transfer of the gas injection process to the serial die casting process with metallic melts. Gas injection technology makes it possible to create cavities in the die-casting process, thus optimizing the aluminum melting process. In addition to the production of cost-efficient components, the research project aims to reduce costs, process steps and CO2 emissions. The research results should be used, among other things, in the power electronics of electric vehicles. ALUWAG AG was selected from 332 projects. The project volume amounts to around CHF 1.65 million.

Project Multifun

The focus of the MULTIFUN project (MULTI-FUNctional performance through multi-material additive manufacturing) is on the development of heat-dissipating components for mold temperature control. The aim is to map production options for a multi-material for use in the tool area with integrated nanotechnology. The project volume amounts to around CHF 0.45 million.

Partner companies in Europe

Both projects are realized with partner companies from all over Europe. According to information from the European Commission, a total of 324 project proposals were submitted to the Horizon funding instrument “Fast Track to Innovation” as of October 22, 2019. 308 applications with 1,299 participants were evaluated. Of the 47 applications that achieved the minimum number of points, 13 were awarded the funding. The funding volume amounts to around 32.5 million euros.