Special materials developed in-house open up unimaginable opportunities.

Our materials expertise is demonstrated in countless products that prove successful during daily use worldwide. As a technology leader, ALUWAG casts both standard alloys as well as special materials developed in-house. These differ with respect to their heightened chemical and physical properties relative to standard die cast alloys. In our in-house laboratory, we continuously promote alloy development for the purpose of producing these materials with the required infrastructure.

The choice of required alloys is determined by customer-specific requirements. We respond to these demands with continual alloy development, adaptive component design and strict process optimisation. Doing all of this, ALUWAG pushes the boundaries of what has been achievable to date ever further forward.

Example of a test alloy ↗

Default Alloy

DIN Specification Numerical Marking Chemical Marking
226D EN AC-46000 AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
230D EN AC-44300 AlSi12(Fe)
231D EN AC-47100 AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
239D EN AC-43400 AlSi10Mg(Fe)
249D EN AC-51200 AlMg9

Commercial Alloy of Material

Brand Name Numerical Marking Chemical Marking
Unifont-94 keine AlZn10Si8Mg
Silafont-36 EN AC-43500 AlSi10MnMg
Castasil-37 keine AlSi9MnMoZr
Magsimal-59 EN AC-51500 AlMg5Si2Mn


Aluwag Specification Numerical Marking Chemical Marking
2018DSQ2 n.N. AlSi9Mg
356D2 n.N. AlSi7Mg0,3
356DSQ n.N. AlSi7Mg0,3
357D n.N. AlSi7Mg0,6
357DSQ n.N. AlSi7Mg0,6
602D n.N. AlFe2Mn
604D n.N. AlMnFe
701DSQ n.N. AlMg2Si1
813D n.N. AlSi12CuMg
813DSQ n.N. AlSi12Cu2MgTI
813NiDSQ n.N. AlSi12Cu2Ni2Mg
814D n.N. AlSi17Cu4MgP
831D n.N. AlSi19Cu4Mg
927D n.N. ZnAl27
928D n.N. ZnAl27Zr
930D n.N. ZnAl30