Design engineer EFZ

Design engineers create technical drawings for clients. The drawings show parts of devices, mechanical systems or tools. They are responsible for precisely maintaining and calculating the size of the parts.

Job title after training

  • Design engineer with federal certificate of competence

Duration of apprenticeship

  • 4 years

Apprenticeship at Aluwag AG

You will create technical drawings and 3D models with the help of our special CAD software. Based on information and sketches from engineers and other specialists, you will model, calculate and draw die-cast components and complete die-casting tools. The 3D data you create is then imported into the programmes of our internal toolmaking department. The tools for the die-cast components are manufactured using this data. The co-operation with production and toolmaking is therefore very close. You will be involved in the development and design of mechanical, electronic and electrical devices, machines and systems. You will produce hand-drawn sketches of parts and assemblies. You will be able to create technical drawings and 3D models according to standard specifications with the help of a computer (CAD software). You will understand the drawings and the information they contain, such as dimensions and tolerances, materials and surface finishes. Thanks to the design engineers’ in-depth expertise, design problems are solved and improvements suggested. Design engineers advise our customers directly and help them to achieve high-quality products. You will therefore also have direct contact with our customers. You will draw up technical documentation for the operation and maintenance of the products. You will also create instructions and documentation. You love precision work, have a good imagination and enjoy thinking and finding creative solutions.

In addition to the apprenticeship at Aluwag AG

At the start of your training, you will complete an inter-company course at Huber + Suhner in Herisau, which lasts about two months. Approximately one month later, you will complete another inter-company course at Huber + Suhner. In the course of your training you will complete further inter-company courses.

Requirements for successfully completing this apprenticeship

  • Completed primary school
  • Interest in technical contexts and mechanics
  • Understanding of abstract relationships
  • Ability to visualise things spatially
  • Skilled hands for precise work
  • Patience, perseverance and ability to concentrate
  • Enjoy computer work
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Organisational talent
  • Good grades in technical drawing and maths


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