Commercial clerk EFZ

Commercial clerks EFZ carry out administrative work in private or public companies. Their tasks vary depending on the employer’s field of activity and the type of employment. They may deal with business correspondence, bookkeeping, orders, customer reception and secretarial work. Basic commercial training is considered a good foundation.

Job title after training

  • Commercial clerk with federal certificate of proficiency

Duration of apprenticeship

  • 3 years

Apprenticeship at Aluwag AG

As a clerk, you will be responsible for various administrative tasks in our company. You will usually need a computer for your work. You will pass through several departments in our company. In the first year of your apprenticeship, you will start in the Purchasing department. You will be responsible for managing office supplies and will support our purchasing team with orders, invoices and much more. You will have your first contact with our suppliers. In the second year of your apprenticeship, you will move to the Order Processing department. In this department, you will coordinate deliveries with our team and assist with other tasks. In the final year of your apprenticeship, you will be in the Finance, Human Resources and Project Management departments. You will spend the first six months of the final year of your apprenticeship in the Finance and Project Management departments. In Finance, you will assist with account assignment and posting invoices and take on many other tasks. In project management, you will assist with projects, liaise with our customers and, if suitable, take on a small project of your own. In the last semester of your apprenticeship, you will continue to provide support in project management but will be a new member of the HR department. In the Human Resources department, you will be responsible for the recruitment of temporary staff. This includes administrative tasks such as the entry and exit of temporary employees. You will also independently plan and organise an apprentice excursion and the National Future Day. You will also assist with other personnel projects. You will be in close contact with our customers, suppliers and employees in all areas. You will write letters, e-mails, minutes, etc.

Requirements for successfully completing this apprenticeship

  • Completed primary school
  • Verbal and written fluency
  • Organisational talent
  • Knowledge of foreign languages (English and French)
  • Good comprehension skills
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Outgoing personality
  • Independent way of working


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